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I am a partner in your success.




Built quickly and adaptably to fit your needs as you grow

Logos, colors, graphics, and brand presentation materials  your audience will find engaging and relatable

Authentic communication establishing your mission, vision, and values, and leadership in your market

Social media messaging, blogs, photography, infographics, videography: anything you need to fufill the goals fo your content strategy to attract, inform, thrill, and convert customers into lifelong fans of your work

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Previous WORK



Visit the website we built for Halcyon and see the full case study here, including the initial pitch we made to Halcyon, their previous website, and more about the way we matched our design to their brand and met their budget expectations. 

As with Camille Canales' website, professional websites change and grow as you develop your audience and create purposeful content that positions you to meet their needs. It starts with a consultation about your business, industry, expectations, and desires. Then I'll put together a simple sitemap and a wireframe, like the one below, to help us discuss your initial content and layout.


Here is a selective sampling of video and production work which I led, directed, coordinated, and/or produced in Chicago, where over 9 years I led a collaboration to build and direct a student creative Agency called the Moody Media Lab, coordinated media production and communications strategy for non-profit organizations in Berlin, Germany, and partnered with two others to launch Folklore Media as an integrated marketing company focused on digital services for small businesses.

Various productions shown created in collaboration with Matt Siler, Ethan Borman, Tim Kim, Students of the Moody Media Lab, and Charrette | Berlin. 



Strategy through ideation, brainstorming, testing, user case studies, persona development, and agile rollout of ideas. Here's a sample initial stage business model canvas I completed for a SaaS start-up concept. 

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I have a professional background that has touched as many industries as I can manage. I've worked in retail as a grocer and an assistant manager at a pet-care provider, food and beverage as a coffee shop shift supervisor, IT as a technical support specialist, project management in eCommerce and product research, international communications as a PR and digital media strategist, in-house integrated marketing as a project coordinator and print production services manager, I've been a founding member of two creative agencies, been a professional and personal mentor of students, as a video producer and photographer (weddings, travels, products, etc.), a freelance web designer, and as one of Folklore Media's founding partners. If you go back an extra few years, I even worked as a FIFA certified soccer referee.  

I have a passion for helping people make the right decisions, especially as a client relationship manager, content strategist, and as a team leader.  I enjoy learning about the work that other people care about, and helping them grow in excellence and success in their lives.

I thrive in a changing world and the challenges each new experience brings. I am a writer, photographer, and culture-critic. I appreciate and practice media production as a means of telling stories that connect people. I believe that true art communicates deeply and existentially, drawing us into an encounter with beauty that awakens us to the real, painful, incredible world around us. Stories pull at our core being, telling us that there is a truer way of seeing and knowing each other that we must become aware of. I am a careful critical thinker. I study subjects that interest me with zeal. I know far more than I ought to about coffee, for example–from a dozen different methods of brewing to roasting my own beans regularly (probably related to my birthplace, just outside of Seattle, WA). After college I lived in downtown Chicago with my wife, Faith, for 9 years before moving back to the west coast to live near family in California with my Faith and our son.

The words and pictures on this website were created by me (unless it's a picture of me, in which case it was probably created by my wife, Faith. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.


Selfless humility defines our relationships. I prioritize other people first through collaboration and dedication to the success of my clients and my team. 

Authenticity grounds our stories. Together, we will create and live a better story, embracing and shaping the narratives of lives, companies, and communities with honesty in our communication, critique, and creativity.

Courageous exploration leads to purposeful growth. The future is unknown. We leverage this freedom to make and remake as we pursue development in all areas and facets of business, practice, and life.

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